The Toughest My Weird School Trivia Quiz In The History Of The World

1. What special power does Stosh have?

a. He can walk through walls.
b. He can travel through time.
c. He can make himself invisible.
d. He can open up child-proof medicine containers.

2. Stosh feels a tingling sensation when he touches...

a. wooden baseball bats
b. old baseball cards
c. autographed baseball memorabilia
d. Miss Young

3. What did Stosh find in Miss Young’s attic?

a. a Honus Wagner baseball card
b. a photograph of Miss Young with Honus Wagner
c. a piano
d. Miss Young’s ex-husband

4. According to Honus Wagner, what is the secret to being a great player?

a. thinking you already are one
b. good eyesight
c. hustle
d. a non-quitting spirit

5. Honus Wagner’s brother’s nickname was...

a. Chunky
b. Butts
c. Beanpole
d. The Flying Dutchman

6. What did Stosh’s mother want him to do with the card?

a. sell it
b. put it in a safe place
c. give it back
d. tear it up

7. What happened to Stosh when he traveled back in time?

a. He got beaten up by bullies.
b. He lost his baseball card.
c. He became a man.
d. He became a woman.

8. What did Stosh and Honus do during the sixth inning?

a. They switched places.
b. They went to Miss Young’s house.
c. They got more Honus Wagner baseball cards.
d. They ate poisoned hot dogs and threw up.

9. What did Stosh see in Honus Wagner’s locker?

a. a baseball glove
b. a dartboard with Ty Cobb’s face on it
c. a photograph of Miss Young
d. deodorant

10. How did Stosh get back to the present day?

a. He wished for it to happen.
b. He used a time machine.
c. He used the baseball card that was in his shoe.
d. He clicked his heels together three times.

1. Why was Stosh suspended from Little League?

a. He threw a bat at the pitcher.
b. He never showed up for practice.
c. He refused to wear shoes.
d. He called the other players bad names.

2. When Stosh woke up in 1947 he was:

a. hungry
b. black
c. fat
d. a grown man

3. Stosh wanted to visit Jackie Robinson because:

a. He wanted to make his dad proud of him.
b. He wanted to collect cards from the 1940s.
c. He wanted to see a Dodgers game.
d. He needed to do a report for Black History Month.

4. What did “Batman” want Stosh to do with the box of baseballs?

a. clean them.
b. sign them.
c. take them to the umpire.
d. sell them.

5. “We the undersigned...wish to be traded rather than”:

a. wear woolen uniforms.
b. take the field with a black man.
c. have an African-American batboy.
d. play for African-American fans.

6. What aspect of the future most surprises Jackie Robinson?

a. time travel.
b. television.
c. Black History Month.
d. computers.

7. What did Stosh do to change the future?

a. He advised Jackie Robinson to fight back.
b. He advised Ant on race relations.
c. He advised Flip to save his baseball cards.
d. He advised Bond Bread to print baseball cards.

8. How did Jackie retaliate against discrimination?

a. He didn’t say a word.
b. He made a formal complaint.
c. He showed how good he was.
d. He took people to court.

9. How much did Stosh earn as a bat boy?

a. $3
b. $13
c. $31
d. a quarter.

10. When Stosh tried to buy baseball cards, he discovered:

a. The grocery store gave them away for free.
b. The baseball card store had been burned down.
c. There were no baseball cards in 1947.
d. The baseball cards were all sold out.

1. What is a “called shot” in baseball?

a. It’s when the manager calls for a hitter to swing and he hits a homer.
b. It’s when you predict what pitch the pitcher is going to throw.
c. It’s when you say you’re going to hit a homer, and then you do.
d. It’s when the fans call for a homer and the hitter hits one.

2. What did Stosh’s father give him to wear in 1932?

a. a New York Yankee cap.
b. knickers
c. a zoot suit
d. a bulletproof vest

3. What started the Depression?

a. The stock market crashed.
b. Hitler became the leader of Germany.
c. Babe Ruth went into a batting slump.
d. A lot of people got depressed at the same time.

4. What did Stosh do with the ball his father caught?

a. He got it autographed by the Babe.
b. He sold it for a million dollars.
c. He gave it to some kids.
d. He lost it.

5. What pitcher threw the called shot pitch?

a. Charlie Root
b. Babe Ruth
c. Walter Johnson
d. Smokey Joe Wood

6. Why did Stosh’s dad want to talk to Franklin Roosevelt?

a. So he could get his autograph.
b. So he could prevent the Holocaust from happening.
c. So he could shake hands with a famous person.
d. So he could prevent an assassination attempt.

7. Where did Ruth hit the called shot home run?

a. Left field
b. Centerfield
c. Right Field
d. It was an inside the park home run

8. In what ballpark was the called shot hit?

a. Yankee Stadium
b. Comiskey Park
c. Wrigley Field
d. Shea Stadium

9. How did Stosh’s dad hope to make money in 1932?

a. Putting money in the bank.
b. Robbing a bank.
c. Getting a job.
d. Betting on horse races in which he knew the outcome.

10. Did Ruth really call his shot?

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. It is a matter of debate.
d. Nobody knows

1. Who did Judson Moon choose as his running mate?

a. Lane
b. Chelsea
c. June
d. Abby

2. Moon changed the name of his pet bird to Cuddles. What was its real name?

a. Booger Boy
b. Snot
c. Mr. Ruffles
d. La-la

3. How did Moon raise the money to run for president?

a. He sold his baseball card collection.
b. He sold girl scout cookies.
c. He opened a lemonade stand.
d. He got the kids at school to donate their piggy banks.

4. What was the first thing Moon did after the election?

a. He abolished homework forever.
b. He resigned.
c. He installed a halfpipe in the Oval Office.
d. He partied.

5. What was Moon’s campaign slogan?

a. “Save the silkworms”
b. “Moon--he revolves around us all”
c. “Moon--he makes waves”
d. “Moon and June”

6. How old do you have to be to run for president?

a. 25
b. 35
c. 45
d. 55

7. Who was the only president Mrs. Syers ever voted for?

a. Theodore Roosevelt
b. Franklin Roosevelt
c. George Bush
d. John F. Kennedy

8. How did Moon win the debate?

a. by giving thoughtful, insightful answers to the questions.
b. by making a lot of wisecracks.
c. by keeping his mouth shut.
d. He didn’t. This is a trick question.

9. Why did Moon choose Chelsea as his first lady?

a. She was smarter than he was.
b. She was cute.
c. She blackmailed him into it.
d. Abby turned him down.

10. What did Judson’s parents do for a living?

a. Dad sold cardboard boxes. Mom sold carpet tiles.
b. Dad sold carpet tiles. Mom sold cardboard boxes.
c. They sold carpet tiles and packed them in cardboard boxes.
d. They were circus acrobats.

1. What was in the briefcase given to Judson Moon?

a. a laptop computer.
b. instructions for launching nuclear missiles.
c. a map of The White House.
d. bulletproof underwear.

2. What ghost has been sighted in The White House?

a. George Washington
b. Abroham Lincoln
c. John F. Kennedy
d. Casper

3. Who almost drowned in The White House swimming pool?

a. Judson Moon
b. Lane Brainard
c. Agent Doe
d. Chelsea Daniels

4. Why did Moon pass out?

a. He drank a glass of wine.
b. Agent Doe did The Secret Ninja Death Touch on him.
c. He ate some bad clams.
d. He was poisoned.

5. What did Moon suggest he and Trujillo do instead of going to war?

a. arm wrestling
b. video games
c. Rock, Paper, Scissors
d. they hug and sing Kumbaya together

6. Which one is NOT in The White House?

a. a bowling alley
b. a barber shop
c. a movie theater
d. an ice rink

7. What does Moon do in the middle of his State of the Union address?

a. tap dance
b. fall down
c. resign
d. fart

8. Who did Moon catch Vice President Syers kissing?

a. Agent Doe.
b. Abraham Lincoln’s portrait.
c. Honeywell.
d. His dad.

9. What did Lane do to save Moon’s presidency?

a. He hired extra secret service agents.
b. He resigned.
c. He got him bulletproof clothing.
d. He sent Chelsea to Florida.

10. What country was Trujillo preparing to invade?

a. The United States.
b. Boraguay.
c. Cantania.
d. Kuwait

1. Where does this story take place?

a. Georgia
b. Louisiana
c. Mississippi
d. Alabama

2. What did Eddie have to do to enter the contest?

a. Write a slogan
b. Write a song
c. Write a poem
d. Shoot a foul shot

3. What trick did Annie share with Eddie?

a. She showed him how to pull a rabbit out of a hat.
b. She showed him how to shoot with his eyes closed.
c. She showed him how to cheat.
d. She showed him how to clear his mind so he could concentrate.

4. What did Finkle Foods make?

a. breakfast cereal
b. protein bars
c. junk food
d. fruit juice

5. Who helped Eddie get ready for the shot?

a. Mr. Stokely
b. Mr. Finkle
c. his mother
d. one of Finkle’s flunkies

6. In what city did Eddie take his million dollar shot?

a. Los Angeles
b. New York
c. Chicago
d. New Orleans

7. How many foul shots did Eddie take every day to practice?

a. 100
b. 250
c. 350
d. 500

8. What did Mr. Finkle say he’d give Eddie even if he missed the shot?

a. a hundred dollars
b. a lifetime supply of Finkles
c. a job at Finkle Foods someday
d. a new car

9. What rattled Eddie while he was practicing at the hotel?

a. The rim had been lowered a few inches.
b. People were shouting comments to him.
c. His mother was kissing Mr. Stokely.
d. Mr. Finkle was shooting video of him.

10. What did Eddie do with the money?

a. He gave it to Annie.
b. He bought a new house for his mother.
c. He invested it in mutual funds.
d. He bought Finkle Foods.

1. What do stuntmen call a stunt?

a. A gag.
b. A fix.
c. A brodie.
d. A bingo.

2. What was Johnny doing when he was spotted by the movie director?

a. skateboarding.
b. snowboarding.
c. in-line skating.
d. jumping off the roof of his house.

3. How did Johnny’s father die?

a. He didn’t.
b. He went over Niagara Falls in a flying boat.
c. He jumped out of a plane and the parachute didn’t open.
d. He fell off a horse.

4. What is Augusta Wind’s real name?

a. Augusta Schmutz
b. Gladys Wind
c. Gladys Schmutz
d. Loretta Modern

5. Who did Johnny’s mother fall in love with?

a. Ricky Corvette
b. Dr. Carreon
c. Roland Rivers
d. Boris Bonner

6. What does Ricky Corvette make Johnny do for him?

a. Tie his shoes
b. Get him hot dogs
c. Kiss his feet
d. Get him sodas

7. What is Johnny’s last name?

a. Thyme
b. Hangtime
c. Hang
d. Bonner

8. What did Ricky Corvette’s contract insist upon?

a. a gallon of Reese’s Pieces
b. a gallon of M&Ms
c. a gallon of Skittles
d. a gallon of Starburst

9. When Johnny jumps out of the plane, what does he have on his feet?

a. flippers
b. a snowboard
c. a skateboard
d. elf shoes

10. What was the name of Johnny’s horse?

a. Bingo
b. Squirt
c. Mr. Jumpy
d. King

1. What does FX mean?

a. fix
b. fighting extreme
c. special effects
d. for example

2. Who was Yip named after?

a. Yip Johnson
b. Yip Harbug
c. Bobby Yipkowski
d. Sam Yip

3. What software program did Yip use to creat Victor?

a. Synthespian
b. Microsoft Vactor
c. Sim Person
d. Adobe Illustrator

4. In what state does Yip’s family live?

a. California
b. Florida
c. Iowa
d. Alabama

5. What is the one thing Grandpa says you can’t simulate on a computer?

a. human hair
b. human skin
c. human movements
d. human beings

6. At the end of the story, what does Grandpa want?

a. a new career
b. a girlfriend
c. a computer
d. a new house

7. What was Yip’s sister’s name?

a. Paige Downe
b. Paige Turner
c. Paige Break
d. Paige Delete

8. Why was Victor so smart?

a. He studied really hard.
b. Yip downloaded lots of books into him.
c. His parents were very smart.
d. He took super smart pills every day.

9. How did Grandpa know Victor could not be human?

a. Victor didn’t have any ID.
b. Victor’s fingernails never grew.
c. Victor was too perfect.
d. Victor didn’t like pizza.

10. What did Grandpa do to Victor?

a. bought him a new toothbrush
b. shocked him with the telephone
c. tricked him into going back to cyberspace
d. shot him with a fake gun

1. What did SBD stand for?

a. Super Bad Dudes
b. Silent But Deadly
c. So Big Deal
d. Springfield Building Development

2. Why is Corny called Corny?

a. He told corny jokes.
b. His favorite food was corn.
c. He lived in Cornwall.
d. He lived near a cornfield.

3. What did the aliens look like?

a. Little green men
b. Little green women
c. Soda machines
d. Elvis Presley

4. What did the aliens name themselves after?

a. Punctuation marks
b. Fast food restaurants
c. Famous baseball players
d. Famous children’s book authors

5. How did the aliens throw the ball?

a. By vomiting it
b. By shooting it with a slingshot
c. By shooting it out of their belly holes
d. By using nuclear energy

6. What happened to Sally’s favorite bat?

a. Nothing. It’s a trick question.
b. It broke.
c. It was stolen.
d. It got super powers.

7. In what city did the baseball’s land?

a. Chicago
b. Harrisburg
c. Los Angeles
d. Springfield

8. What did the kids get for winning the game?

a. a rematch
b. all the candy they could eat
c. a ride on the space ship
d. nothing

9. How fast could the aliens throw the ball?

a. 773 miles per hour
b. 770 miles per hour
c. the speed of sound
d. the speed of light

10. Who had the highest batting average in baseball history?

a. Babe Ruth
b. Ty Cobb
c. Shoeless Joe Jackson
d. Stan Musial

1. What position did Shoeless Joe Jackson play?

a. left field
b. centerfield
c. right field
d. designated hitter

2. What was the real name of the Black Sox?

a. the Red Sox
b. the Red Stockings
c. the White Sox
d. the Yankees

3. Why does Stosh want to go to 1919?

a. to meet Shoeless Joe Jackson
b. to prevent the Black Sox Scandal
c. to bring shoes to Shoeless Joe
d. to find the toothbrush he left behind in "Honus & Me"

4. Why was Joe Jackson's autograph so valuable?

a. they all burned in a fire
b. he wrote in gold-plated ink
c. he refused to give autographs
d. he couldn't read or write

5. Whose card does Stosh use to get to 1919?

a. Shoeless Joe
b. Heinie Groh
c. Babe Ruth
d. Buck Weaver

6. Whose life does Stosh save?

a. Wilbur Kozinsky
b. Flip Valentini
c. Chick Gandil
d. Charles Comiskey

7. What does Stosh take with him on his trip?

a. flashlight
b. band-aids
c. his father
d. camera

8. Who does Stosh see with no clothes on?

a. Arnold Rothstein
b. his mother
c. Katie Jackson
d. Eddie Cicotte

9. How did the gamblers know Stosh was watching them?

a. he coughed
b. he sneezed
c. he laughed
d. he farted

10. What is Stosh's last request before the gamblers shoot him?

a. he wants his teddy bear
b. he wants his lucky rabbit's foot
c. he wants his baseball card
d. he wants a blindfold

1. What did Stosh's dad have after the accident?

a. broken leg
b. lateral bicuspid
c. hearing loss
d. subdural hematoma

2. Why did Stosh's dad want him to go see Mickey Mantle?

a. to get his autograph
b. to take his photograph
c. to warn him about a drain cover
d. to steal his uniform

3. Who switches cards on Stosh?

a. Aunt Liz
b. Cousin Samantha
c. Bobby Fuller
d. Coach Tropiano

4. What does AAGPBL stand for?

a. Americans Against Public Bathrooms and Lavatories
b. All American Girls Professional Basketball League
c. All American Girls Professional Baseball League
d. All American Game Players By-Laws

5. Where does Stosh land in 1944?

a. Borchert Field
b. Dunn Field
c. Fenway Park
d. Wrigley Field

6. Who does Stosh have a crush on?

a. Peeps Pieper
b. Merle Keagle
c. Connie Wisniewski
d. Be Bop Vukovich

7. What is the mascot of the Milwaukee Chicks?

a. rooster
b. chicken
c. duck
d. a bottle of beer

8. What team did Max Carey play for?

a. Pittsburgh Pirates
b. Milwaukee Chicks
c. Yellow Jackets
d. Rockford Peaches

9. Who does Stosh have to throw a ball at?

a. Hitler
b. Stalin
c. Roosevelt
d. Churchill

10. What happened to Mickey Maguire's husband?

a. his plane was shot down
b. he was paralyzed
c. she thought he died, but he was alive
d. she thought he was alive, but he died

1. Where does Whisper Nelson live?

a. Oklahoma City
b. Canada
c. Louisiana
d. Parkfield, California

2. Where does Whisper go when she's depressed?

a. the mall
b. the woods
c. the train station
d. her cousin's house

3. What does Whisper's mother have?

a. Lou Gehrig's disease
b. Parkinson's disease
c. multiple schlerosis
d. muscular dystrophy

4. What does Jess Kirby carry with him everywhere?

a. a security blanket
b. a cell phone
c. a box of Chicklets
d. a laptop computer

5. What slogan does Whisper come up with?

a. The Kick are OK
b. Our Goal is to Win
c. We Get a Kick Out of You
d. The Kick Kick Butt

6. Why was Whisper's mom proud of her?

a. she made the shot
b. she got straight A's
c. she cared about something
d. she donated money to charity

7. How does Jess help Whisper get ready for the kick?

a. he buys her "Soccer for Dummies"
b. he designs a computer penalty kick simulator
c. he builds a machine to make leg muscles stronger
d. he designs a shoe specially for kicking penalty shots

8. Why does Ellie decide to coach Whisper?

a. Whisper reminded her of herself
b. for the money
c. she felt sorry for Whisper
d. to get back at her coach

9. What does Jess Kirby invent?

a. a solar powered flashlight
b. a solar powered screwdriver
c. a solar powered solar system simulator
d. a solar powered bicycle

10. Why does Whisper get a second shot?

a. she called "do overs"
b. the cameraman wasn't ready
c. she missed the first one
d. the goalie stepped off the line before the kick

1. What team do Dawn and Dusk root for?

a. the Rangers
b. the Flyers
c. the Red Wings
d. the Canadiens

2. Each chapter in this book is what?

a. the title of an Elvis Presley song
b. named after a U.S. president
c. a quote from Shakespeare
d. a secret code that tells the surprise ending

3. Why does Oma think she lived so long?

a. good genes
b. she farts a lot
c. she exercises daily
d. she takes vitamins

4. How was a fan picked to take the Million Dollar Goal?

a. they had to write a poem
b. they had to think up a slogan
c. a camera picked them out of the crowd
d. a name was picked out of a hat

5. Why didn't Oma take the shot?

a. she got sick
b. she couldn't take the pressure
c. she was in a wheelchair
d. she died

6. What did Dawn and Dusk buy at the sporting goods store?

a. plastic ice
b. a dozen pucks
c. hockey skates for Oma
d. shoulder pads

7. What kind of shot did Dawn suggest Oma take?

a. slap shot
b. snap shot
c. wrist shot
d. backhand shot

8. Who was Sheldon Silverman?

a. a hockey player
b. an announcer
c. a coach
d. an agent

9. What was Dad's plan to catch the "wheelchair saboteur"?

a. fingerprints
b. DNA evidence
c. he hired private detectives
d. he would videotape the crime

10. Before the million dollar goal, what did the crowd do?

a. cheered
b. the wave
c. had a moment of silence
d. sang the national anthem

1. What is Squishy obsessed with?

b. Brittney Spears
c. horror movies
d. heavy metal music

2. What did Ouchie see on Mr. Zamboni's head?

a. hair
b. a bald spot
c. a hat
d. his reflection

3. What did Squishy smell in Bowl-A-Rama?

a. rotting corpses
b. foot odor
c. perfume
d. lasagna

4. What did Mr. Zamboni chant?

a. Nillwob!
b. Bugaboo!
c. Inky dinky pinky!
d. No drive, no five!

5. What does Mr. Zamboni have in the back room?

a. rotting corpses
b. a shrine to bowling balls
c. a parallel bowling universe
d. an early automatic pinsetter

6. Who was Leslie King named after?

a. Gerald Ford
b. Richard Nixon
c. Millard Fillmore
d. Fillmore West

7. What does Mr. Zamboni think is going to happen on December 31st?

a. the ball will drop
b. the world will end
c. Gottfried Schmidt will come back to life
d. all of the above

8. Who was disguised as Pinhead?

a. Chief Strat
b. Gazebo Zamboni
c. Mayor Little
d. Cliff Dweller

9. How did Pinhead try to destroy the bowling alley?

a. with a gas bomb on the roof
b. with a bowling ball stuffed with dynamite
c. with a bowling shoe grenade
d. all of the above

10. When the safe was finally opened, what was inside?

a. nothing
b. an envelope
c. a bowling shoe
d. a million dollars

1. What did Johnny's mother do for a living?

a. flew planes
b. told fortunes
c. cleaned houses
d. caught fish and sold them

2. What does Wilbur tell Johnny he is building?

a. a bicycle
b. a flying machine
c. a kite
d. a glider

3. What does an anemometer measure?

a. wind speed
b. distance
c. temperature
d. anemoms

4. What were Irene and Pauline's dresses made of?

a. nylon
b. cotton fiber
c. velcro
d. wing coverings from the Wright's kite

5. Which character had a goatee?

a. Doc Spratt
b. Huffaker
c. Samuel Langley
d. Octave Chanute

6. What did the Wright brothers build at home over the winter of 1902?

a. a wind tunnel
b. a new house
c. a propeller
d. a gas powered engine

7. What idea did Orville come up with in the middle of the night?

a. to have the propellers turn in opposite directions
b. to move the rear elevator forward
c. to use Johnny as a test pilot
d. to put a hinge on the rear vertical rudder

8. What did Orville call the takeoff rail?

a. the Cannonball Express
b. the Grand Junction Railroad
c. the Orient Express
d. Tom Thumb

9. What did Langley's "Aerodrome" crash into?

a. a barn
b. a crowd of onlookers
c. the Potomac River
d. another flying machine

10. How long was the first flight?

a. 59 seconds
b. 200 feet
c. 15 seconds
d. 12 seconds

1. Where did Qwerty get the name Qwerty?

a. it was a brand of apple cider
b. it was his grandfather's name
c. his parents liked the letter Q
d. from the computer keyboard

2. What did Qwerty find buried in the backyard?

a. the Anytime Anywhere machine
b. Jimmy Hoffa
c. dinosaur bones
d. Thomas Edison's first light bulb

3. Where in Spain does Qwerty go to?

a. Barcelona
b. Puerta del Sol
c. a bullfight
d. the Pyrenees

4. What company does Ashley Quadrel work for?

a. Microsoft
b. Con Edison
c. Sixth Sense Institute
d. he is unemployed

5. How does Edison contact Qwerty?

a. calls him on the phone
b. sends him a telegram
c. uses Morse code
d. telepathically

6. What does Edison send Qwerty to get?

a. nitric acid
b. citric acid
c. sulphuric acid
d. Advil

7. Who does Barbara fall in love with?

a. Thomas Edison
b. Francis Upton
c. John Kruesi
d. Charles Batchelor

8. What does Qwerty teach James Naismith?

a. how a computer works
b. how to play Stairway to Heaven on a harpsichord
c. how to play poker
d. how to play basketball

9. What did Edison use for the first successful filament?

a. a shoelace
b. corn silk
c. cotton fiber
d.a strand of hair

10. What did Edison call his wife?

a. Popsie-Wopsie
b. Tinky Wink
c. Sweetie Pie
d. Sugar Plum

1. What does Qwerty Stevens have?

a. a great personality
b. a collection of rare coins
c. Edison's first light bulb
d. attention deficit disorder

2. Who does Qwerty tell his little sister that Benjamin Franklin is?

a. George Washington
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. his imaginary friend
d. their long lost grandfather

3. Who does Benjamin Franklin flirt with?

a. Qwerty's sister
b. Qwerty's teacher
c. Qwerty's principal
d. all of the above

4. What did Ashley Quadrel collect?

a. Edison phonographs
b. antique cars
c. two dollar bills
d. Civil War bullets

5. What did Franklin call a bathroom?

a. the necessary
b. the privvy
c. the little boy's room
d. the powder room

6. What did a cooper make?

a. chicken coops
b. barrels
c. candles
d. clothes

7. Why wasn't George Washington in Philadelphia for the signing of the Declaration?

a. he got stuck in traffic
b. he wasn't born yet
c. he wasn't invited
d. he was with the Continental army in New York

8. What words did Franklin contribute to the Declaration?

a. self evident
b. all men are created equal
c. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
d. four score and seven years ago

9. What invention did Franklin show Ashley Quadrel?

a. the lightning rod
b. the Armonica
c. bifocals
d. the Franklin stove

10. What did Franklin's daughter offer the boys for dinner?

a. leg of lamb
b. fish heads
c. squirrel stew
d. mutton


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